Miss Bobby-Socks and the Giant Ball of String Written by Jacqui Brown and Illustrated by Gail Yerrill




Poor Miss Bobby-Socks’ giant ball of string is missing!  Where could it have gone?  Join in Miss Bobby-Socks' adventure as she chases the string's trail over the armchair, down the stairs, into the laundry tub, across the piano, through the garden, into the letterbox (watch out Mr Postman!) and even into the yard next door where the puppies are playing tug-o-war.  Will she find her giant ball of string?  Or did her cheeky friends, Pistachio and Teddy legs, have it all along?


Kid's Book Review said: 'Jacqui Brown's delightful narrative, complemented by Gail Yerrill's gorgeous illustrations, makes for a beautiful story full of character, colour and fun, which children will want to read again and again... Miss Bobby Socks and the Giant Ball of String is a certain thumb's up.'


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Miss Bobby-Socks and the Rainbow

For release in 2015.  Cover image coming soon.


Miss Bobby-Socks, Pistachio and Teddy legs long to play in the rainbow in the sky.  But when they find that the rainbow is too far away, they come up with their own idea.  The three kittens search around the home and garden to find coloured toys, socks, gum boots, an umbrella, even the puppy next door's collar - and make their own rainbow.



Fizzy Friends

A super short story about Lavender and Christopher - two of the characters from the Miss Bobby-Socks and Friends series.


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Author Visits

Jacqui does regular readings of her picture book to local pre-schools and kindergartens.  'I love seeing children engaged with stories and being excited about the adventures reading can take them on.'








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